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Previous Client Testimonials

In 2011 I moved away from the larger Harley dealerships and began a client/owner business relationship with Eagle Eye. What immediately impressed me was no longer being a faceless customer greeted by a plastic smile when I walked through the door but greeted on a personal level. The quality of workmanship received was second to none. If an issue arose, and rarely did one, the matter was handled quickly and efficiently with the intent of keeping my business. This impressed me to such a point that fellow riders were immediately referred to Eagle Eye for these very reasons. Everyone from Bob the owner, Jordan with an exceptional grasp of parts and sales, Mike with his fine detailing work and Ian with solid mechanical knowledge continue to impress me. If your tired of the larger dealers grasping for nothing more then your money and wish to have your ride tended to on a much personal level I would strongly encourage you to drop in. - Mark

Hi Bob,

I just thought I would drop you a line and let you know the bike is running great, the service you and your staff provide is awesome. After returning from a long trip south the bike was ready for an oil change and service, it’s now tuned and runs like new. I really appreciated the time you spend explaining and answering my questions. “Even the dumb ones”

The work Eagle Eye provides is superior, and much valued. “I wouldn’t go anywhere else”.
Best regards,

Honey sell the tractor, this thing will pull stumps. I left my Ultra at Eagle Eye to have some work done on it, and it developed an attitude from hanging around with all the awesome custom bikes that Eagle Eye makes, or it may have been from the 1550 upgrade they did for me, either way I’m extremely pleased with all the extra power.

I highly recommend Eagle Eye custom cycles for any work on your Harley Davidson. I’ve been taking my Ultra to them for 4 years now, I won’t take it anywhere else. They listen to what I want to do, make suggestions and let me decide, I like that. If you want your HD fixed, upgraded or customized they will do it right.

T Forrest

103 KIT IN 09 DYNA
re:103 motor

So far I have put 20,000 klm on it. Usually I just ride like normal but I gotta admit it goes like stink. Front end won't stay on the ground till 4th on a flat run, will do wheelies shifting into 2nd, u know, the holy fuck up in the air, not a hanging front end. Nothing unusual happening in the engine. Haven't had another Harley come even close, but it is a light bike for the rig.

catch u later